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Connecting Europe to excellence in natural lactic acid and lactates

Lactic Acid

Lactic acid is a natural acidifier produced from maize by fermentation. Different concentrations and qualities are available to be able to select the optimal product for each application.

Calcium Lactates

Calcium lactate is a well soluble calcium source used for fortification purposes in food and feed. Besides its nutritional properties it can also be used for its technological advantages such as firming of fruits and vegetables.

Sodium Lactates

The sodium salt of lactic acid is used in meat products to control the microbiological growth and especially the growth of pathogens. A low sodium alternative is potassium lactate that can help you to reach your sodium reduction targets.


In many applications a combination of different acids and preservatives are used. JINDAN Europe can offer you tailored blends to serve your needs and optimise the taste and shelf life of your products.